Teaching your children etiquette is a gift for life!

Give your child a gift that keeps on giving.

Nathalie Poppe from Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette is a certified international youth-etiquette consultant of the ‘International etiquette and protocol academy of London’ and offers an accounted for curriculum.

Etiquette for kinderen by Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette

Etiquette for children by Ladies and Gentlemenetiquette

By mastering the necessary poise your child will face future social and professional situations with the proper attitude and ease.

The purpose of Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette is to work with your child to lay the foundations for a successful future.
Proper behaviour, self-confidence, integrity and leadership qualities will be encouraged in a safe and suitable environment.

The etiquette classes from Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette are especially tailored for each age-category. They are interactive and will teach your child the virtue of etiquette. They will help your child realize that etiquette is a valuable skill which will be beneficial for their entire lives.

Every etiquette class is interactive, with roll-playing games, illustrations and a personal etiquette notebook will be adapted to each child’s specific needs.

The children will be encouraged to wear appropriate clothing during the etiquette classes.

By learning the proper rules of conduct and etiquette, children will be better prepared for adulthood and their poise and courtesy will give them a sense of confidence in any given situation.
Ladies and Gentlemen ettiquette offers classes in politeness, respect and proper manners, so that your child can grow up to be an elegant and self-confident adult.

Etiquette for children is a gift for life

Etiquette for children is a gift for life !