Young people applying for a job

Do you want to appear professional and dignified during a job interview?
Now that you have your degree, how can you distinguish yourself from other applicants?

By being polite you can, as a young person, increase your value on the labour market. The application process is the first contact with your new employer and whether you can sell yourself in a dignified and genuine manner will determine whether you get the job or not. Responding correctly and applying proper manners will create an advantage over your competition. Fine manners and courtesy give us more confidence and these qualities will be associated with professionalism.

In this workshop we will work to cultivate an individual style. Young people will discover the best way to represent themselves. Together we will write a correct CV and letter of application and practice how to successfully conduct a job interview.

Different aptitude tests and psychological test will be discussed so that the applicants can present themselves in a persuasive manner.