Etiquette for teenagers aged 12-18

Because of cultural diversity and the easy access to information, it can be difficult for teenagers to recognize good behaviour and to develop our valuable morals for their own.
Ladies and Gentlemen will help your child by nurturing those qualities that will enable them to reach adulthood successfully and to avoid the pitfalls along the way.

Social skills will be cultivated through practice sessions, with focus on communication with adults and peers to guarantee a successful future.
Let us teach your child how to take charge, how to fulfil the needs of leadership and thus prepare them for success in the international business world of the 21st century. These qualities will help your child handle a whole range of different situations with poise and confidence.
By focusing on confidence, poise and consideration for others teenagers will find an easier way of climbing to the top.
Table manners, assertiveness training, social networking and proper behaviour in current situations will be discussed.

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette

–       Introducing yourself and others
You only have one chance to make that amazing first impression. How do you achieve a firm, confident handshake, how do you introduce your friends and elders to each other and what is small talk? Which subjects should be avoided and how do you start a conversation?

–       Communication skills and recognizing body language
What is small talk and what are its benefits? What is the best way to listen and to become a first-class entertainer? How do you politely end a conversation? Recognize your own body language and the body language of others and apply that knowledge in every-day life.

–       Table manners: general behaviour, proper use of silverware and pronouncing a toast.
After a short introduction this workshop will be given in the form of a luncheon in a fancy Antwerp restaurant. International dining etiquette will be discussed and practiced. Fun is a guarantee and your child will never be the same at the dinner table!

–       Being the perfect guest and the perfect host
How do you gracefully greet the parents of your boyfriend or girlfriend? What is expected of a guest? How do you properly introduce yourself and others?Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette

–       Giving a polite refusal and being assertive
Be your own person by saying ‘no’ when you think it is necessary without fearing other people’s reaction. Learn to defend your own points of view in a polite manner. Know pitfalls of friendship and try to pre-empt them.
How to behave in a world where not everyone wants the best for you and how to react to this in a dignified manner. This course is an important lesson for young people, especially for those who are too shy to be daring.

–       Dealing with peers, adults, colleagues and professional superiors
What are the pitfalls of friendship and how to pre-empt them. Showing respects for your elders without being taken for granted.

–       Dealing with teasing and bullying
These days it is very easy to tease others. By not responding properly and directly to this teasing, it may evolve into bullying and it can damage the self-image of your child. We will teach your child how to respond in case something like that were to happen and which lessons can be drawn from these actions.
On top of that the emphasis of this course is to prevent bullying and being bullied through a few trump-cards that will help you communicate with people you don’t immediately get along with.

–       Courtesy and poise, tact and discretion
The small gestures of courtesy leave a permanent, positive impression.
This is a workshop dedicated to the details of proper poise and gives plenty of tips to appear charming through discrete and tactful behaviour.

–       Cellular phones, facebook and myspace etiquetteLadies and Gentlemen etiquette
With a focus on safety, the rules of networking and modern communication are mapped out. How and when to communicate and the advantages and disadvantages of many facebook friends.
The cellular phone and mp3 etiquette are widely discussed.

–       Behavioural guidelines and dress codes in everyday life.
Because of the easy access to information your child is influenced without knowing it and it can be hard to pass on those values that are important to us.
We will help your child to cultivate an authentic style, with an emphasis on suitable clothing according to the situation.

–       Dating etiquette
Through the ease of current networking sites your children are quicker to cultivate contacts and they do grow up more quickly than they would have in the past.
We will focus on the safety of approaching someone and being assertive, while the secrets of courtesy and charm are fully explored.

–       Cultural differences
All the workshops of Ladies and Gentlemen have an international foundation, in these workshops the differences between other cultures and our Western culture are discussed to avoid incorrect interpretation of codes and body language abroad.