Etiquette for children aged  4 – 7

Once children begin attending school, they become more independent and their own lives begin. Now that you are no longer constantly at the side of your most precious bundle of joy, it is educational for your children to learn the skills that ease communication with other adults and children.

At this young age children are in a very influential phase of their lives. For this reason the workshop is very interactive, with roll-playing games and ‘magic words’ while focusing on respect and authenticity. In this first instance, the class centres on table manners and cultural differences.
Respect for adults, safety and sharing with others are issues that will be awarded their due attention. With the help of a Mascotte, Peppermint the Polite Puppy proper manners will be educated in a playful atmosphere.

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquetteA posh party with Peppermint the Polite Puppy (4-7 years and 8-12).
This workshop is designed as a party, and focuses on the children’s first social skills: they learn to introduce themselves and others in an articulate manner, practice the proper handshake, and are taught the correct table manners during a party where children have the opportunity to dress up. This party is an ideal ice-breaker to progress to the complete etiquette course for young children.

Etiquette and manners for young children (4-7 years)
Alongside Peppermint, the Polite Puppy, your child will be counselled in all social aspects of their current lives. In this workshop containing a few different sessions, good manners are encouraged so your child will be more at ease with meeting new people, will show better behaviour in school and in public, and will develop as a polite, confident and charming individual. The focus lies on the differences between the children, the necessary poise and respect towards others. By practicing social skills your child will feel more confident and will face the challenges of life in a polite manner.

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette