Etiquette and manners for children aged 8-12 years

In this workshop your child will be prepared for the social skills necessary to deal more easily with the shift from childhood to teenage years.
In diverse etiquette classes, the self-confidence of your child will be encouraged by teaching them, in an interactive manner, international social skills.

etiquette class for children : 8-12 years

etiquette class for children : 8-12 years

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette will teach your child the three mayor points in etiquette : social etiquette, dining etiquette and poise.

The social etiquette course consists of: communication skills and the importance of being a good listener, how to give a proper handshake, image and first impressions, cellular phone etiquette and proper behaviour in public.

In the section of dining etiquette, the ‘why’ behind the rules, and the history of certain tablemanners are being explained so that your child will remember it easily and perceive dining etiquette as fun. During this section, the manouvering of the cutlery will also be practiced.

The etiquette of the correct poise will stress the importance of how you carry your body. A straight back, how to sit properly and many more controlled moves are taught.

Let Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette help your children prepare for a successful future and cultivate the tools to shine in any given situation.