Etiquette for a Miss

A real Miss has style, authenticity and manners.

Do you wish to increase your chances to represent a title in a dignified and elegant manner?
Do you wish to reside comfortably in all social circles?

Nathalie Poppe : etiquette for a Miss election

Nathalie Poppe : etiquette for a Miss election

This etiquette class will provide the finishing touch that will provide a certain “je ne sais quoi” to a Miss, a certain “touch up” to make a Miss that little bit more classy.
Gracious movements, elegant manners and social skills are aspects that are noticed immediately in a Miss.
On the road to the final, the Misses will be presented as a group in all kinds of new situations. Knowing how to behave in a dignified manner in a group of unknown and competing ladies, while mastering awkward situations, will make people notice you in a favourable light.

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette offers an etiquette class for  small groups of Miss participants and private courses. In this etiquette lesson all ‘the little things with a big effect‘ will be explained and practiced, so you will shine on stage and people will notice your elegance above all !

Always be charming, elegant and confident!