Courtesy and poise

Everyone has the desire to be unique and respected.

In this etiquette class Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette will discuss elegant movement, posture, courtesy and confidence.

The goal of the etiquette class is that you will notice the chances to act courteous and elegant more easily.By practicing the right attitude you will develop a natural sense for chivilary and correct behaviour.

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette : courtesy and poise

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette : courtesy ans poise

You will receive all the tools to bring out the Lady or the Gentlemen in you !

In our current times of emancipation, courtesy- on a social and professional scale- can be just the thing that will make others appreciate you.
The subtle forms of gallantry will be revealed and you can discover how this will make every day life more pleasant.

For every man and woman who wants to bring out that extra edge of grace.