Business etiquette

It is not only what the businessman or woman does, it’s also the way he or she does it.
To succeed in the universe of competition we must know the intricacies of the job, without neglecting the rules of polite behaviour and courtesy.

business etiquette Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette

business etiquette, the polished touch

The additional value of an employee naturally presents itself in his or her degrees, the sense of responsibility, but also the style with which this person presents himself or herself and with which this person moves within the company.
A courteous employee will be noticed by acting respectfully and dignified, and will quickly inspire others to do the same.
This business etiquette class is ‘the polished touch’, the subtlety of elegance, the necessity of table manners and how to safely conduct a business dinner while maintaining control of the situation.

Cultural differences and hierarchy will be cultivated with current Western etiquette.

But how to avoid the pitfalls of cultural differences during a business dinner?
How to be a professional woman in a man’s world?
How to be seen as the perfect host or hostess by the company and by the clients?

Business etiquette will help you to adapt politeness, courtesy and elegance in your way of dealing with other people, especially when doing business.
By having a firm grasp on the rules of proper conduct, the businessman or woman will have more freedom to focus on their goals, namely doing business.

business etiquette by Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette

business etiquette by Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette