The ‘finishing touch’ for your wedding : Wedding etiquette

The demand for rules and traditions are still alive and kicking for organising official parties and ceremonies. But where do you draw the line between – on one hand following the traditions and – on the other hand your desire for a personal and memorable wedding ? What are the do’s ad the don’ts when organising your wedding day ?

How do you write a personal and gracious marriage announcement ?

wedding etiquette by Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette

Wedding etiquette is the finishing touch for your wedding

How do you RSVP and when?
What are the rules concerning table seating?

And how to abide by them while keeping modern family arrangements into account? What is your assignment during the most memorable parties of your life?

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette will answer all of your questions concerning the authentic rules and the application of those rules in our current, changing society.
Every ceremony has its own structure and rules. By knowing the value of the rules, you will be able to chose the traditions you would like to see on your wedding, and which rules are not completely your style.

The purpose of etiquette is to meet your guests expectations and your own.
By knowing the etiquette rules you will, as host or hostess, have more control and say in the organisation and you will be prepared to graciously face every situation.

Etiquette will help you to be confident that your wedding will be

a wondrous time you’ll remember with pride as a day that was joyfull for everyone.

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette provides you with tried – and – true guidelines you can count on for a memorable wedding, from announcing the engagement to reception to dealing with sticky situations- uninvited guests, avoiding gift gaffes and smoothing conflicts, and more – and bringing it all off with minimum stress and maximum style.