Dining Etiquette

Where do you put your napkin after dinner?
How do you respond if someone makes a toast to you?
When can you send back the wine?

Do you have a sixth sense for correct table manners, but do you also have the feeling a refresher course would increase your confidence ?

If  you believe that correct dining etiquette is important for you, for personal or business purposes, a dining etiquette course will give you the tools to amelliorate your sense of table manners.

dining etiquette

Dining etiquette by Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette

This workshop will explore all the little rules and will explain their origin in a practical manner. During the dining etiquette course you will discover the small gestures that have an pronounced impact on your dining style.

Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette offers a dining etiquette course that will give you the knowledge to create a great impact on how people perceive you after seeing your polite table manners.

Your behaviour during dining reveals a lot about your attitude in life.

A short introduction about table manners, eventually followed by a 5 course luncheon in a beautiful restaurant in Antwerp, will give you the knowledge needed concerning polite table manners.

The social rules and cultural traditions will provide additional value to consuming a meal together.

Etiquette can be seen as a usefull tool : while mastering the rules of dining etiquette, you will have more time to enjoy the meal, or  to put your whole focus on business.

How to be the ideal host or guest?

How do you control the difficult silverware?
What are the everyday pitfalls that lessen your elegance during dinner?

This course is recommended for anyone whose profession requires attending business dinners.
A must for ladies and gentlemen who wish to enjoy life by dining correctly.