About Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette

Nathalie Poppe

Nathalie Poppe

Nathalie Poppe is the founder of Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette.

She is trained and certified by Minding Manners International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London in diverse areas. This school is the specialist in the area of etiquette and protocol training given to young people and adults. She has also been given the “Etiquette Trainer for teens Certification Program” certificate, given by Elena Nitlich of Etiquette Moms.

Through years of experience as a stewardess in the Netherlands and ‘hotesse d’acceuil’ in Paris, Nathalie Popppe has concluded that social life would progress more easily through knowledge of different codes and cultures. As hostess on board you recognize quickly if someone is appreciative of proper manners or not.

It is professional to appear polite and concerned. “Thanks to my manners I have been given many opportunities in life.”

Nathalie Poppe achieved her degree in hotel management in 2008 at the Plantijn Hogeschool in Antwerp and has since taken an in-depth study in the rules of etiquette and their origin.