Nathalie Poppe

Nathalie Poppe

Etiquette is an important skill for life.

The number of obtained degrees, your chosen profession and your preferred life-style determines who you are.
But your influence on a situation and the manner in which you distinguish yourself is mostly determined by your behaviour, the way you respond to others.

Etiquette is crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s

The etiquette classes Ladies and Gentlemen offers will help you to find the details of politeness in every situation and soon you will notice the impact of your manners in the way people notice you.

Others will judge you as civilized and reliable by the quality and elegance of your manners, no matter what kind of company you keep.

Maintaining a firm grasp on the international social guidelines will enable you to appear in different social spheres. A thorough knowledge of social codes will be a valuable contribution to the construction of a social and professional network of contacts.
Polite manners and knowledge of etiquette will be your trump-cards for maintaining a sense of confidence in every situation.

The purpose of Ladies and Gentlemen etiquette is to provide an answer to those questions of behaviour that arise in everyday life and are made difficult by cultural differences and social backgrounds.

The knowledge of modern etiquette appropiate to your own culture will help you to notice the politeness displayed by other cultures.
By stressing the ‘savoir vivre’, the art of enjoying life, you will be able to behave in an elegant and suitable manner in any given situation.

The etiquette classes help you to improve your elegance in movements,  modesty in speech and  kindness in behaviour.